🎨Axie Art Contest Details🎨

-Humility To Others-


Please read the following for more detailed information on the rules and kind of submissions we are hoping to see!

IMPORTANT 📍: You must follow ALL rules to be eligible.

1) Follow @AXIEMONS and @AxieZombies on Twitter

2) Like and retweet

3) Reply with an original Axie Infinity art work, as well as tagging @Axiemons in submission reply.

Regarding the artwork- creativity and use of theme are just as important with this submission as is quality and effort put into work.

A fun example of a submission would be an aquatic axie using his fish hook mouth to help another Axie eat.

Prize will be paid out thru Ronin and will require a personal Ronin Address to be eligible.

Please note- Direct messages asking for scholarships and/or other assistance besides further information on the contest will not be answered.

A winner will be chosen by 7/22 @ 9pm EST and will be announced on the @axiezombies Twitter.




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